That's a tactical turn-based game with MOUSE BASED MOVEMENT, developed in 4 days for the GDL Anniversary Jam. The gameplay is really simple: you are a two headed ogre magi who goes through a dungeon, killing enemies and using lever to push forward on his adventure. 

The gamejam theme is "Double trouble", so you we got you served with two attacks (a melee fixed medium physical damage attack and a pseudo random damage ranged magical attack), two kinds of enemies (Goblin: strong against magic, weak against physical damage and Orcs, strong against physical damage, weak against magic) and...two heads :D
Even our team is made of two (Me and VP-92)!

Have fun and remember to rate the game and give us a comment, if you want!

Music by: Eric Skiff->

Explosion sound by: Jalastram ->


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The project cover image is awesome :) 

About the game, I personally prefer a keyboard/gamepad controls instead of mouse especially when there is no pathfinding. As an example: I killed every monsters and I have to go to the exit, I have to click with my mouse 10 times to the exact tiles in front of me. 

I can totally see your point. I admit that mouse control can be really tedious sometimes. 

If I could start the project again, I would work more on them (probably starting with from a pathfinding system), in order to make the player experience more enjoyable. 

Thank you for sharing your opinion! :)


Not bad! Would've loved to see a visual indication for the selected target, but besides that solid entry

It would be really nice develop such a feature. Unfortunately we ran out of time :( 

Still, thank you for the tip! :)

Deleted 4 years ago

Thank you for playing! We'll take your advice into consideration if we decide to take the project further!